AKA: One Zombie in a billion

About tooling


For the last twenty or so years I’ve been a Mac person, prior to that die hard PC fan, but I fell in love with unix flavoured operating systems.

At the moment I use a 13in M1 Macbook Pro for work and a 15in M2 Macbook Air personally. I also keep a Dell laptop around when I want to play with linux distros - usually some flavour of debian, but also really like the potential of VanillaOS.

Macbook Air Laptop


Macintosh desktop with a terminal window containing the neovim editor

I live in the terminal these days, my editor of choice is vim, more specifically neovim.

For me, after getting over the learning curve (which admittedly was years ) the modal style of editing finally clicked and now I find it the most efficient way to work with text.

Also interested in the measure twice cut once approach of Helix Editor and Kakoune, so I may trial those in the future.

Frameworks… languages

This site uses Astro as the framework of choice. I love the speed and the astro templating language.